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Data storage is much needed in any type of device and there are multiple mechanisms for data storage which vary from the device to device but at the end it’s a magnetic drive which holds the data and stored in the form of digital format. One predominant data storage device is hard disk drive also called as HDD. Hard disk drives are used in a wide range of systems like computers, laptops and netbooks etc., it has magnetic platter which is used for reading and writing operations. (Hard disk drive, n.d.) With the emerging technologies and modularization of web application design architecture created a need for different kind of operating system and system architecture based on the functionality. If we want a server where files need to be placed it should be designed in such a way that it needs to be good at input and output operations (I/O). (How does a hard drive work?, 2018) If we want to store videos and stream, that server should be good at asynchronous streaming functionality. If we need to store the structured/un-structured data which can be pertained to any educational institution or an organization, we can use a database server to store this data in tables and it can be used. In general, we use hard disk drives to store any kind of data in all the servers, but there will be only changes in the system architecture. The concept of HDD utilization has been constant from past 20 years. There was a huge growth in the architectural design of operating systems used for hosting database servers, but when it comes to storage HDD’s have been used for many years. With the need for speed and faster operations from the perspective of storage, solid state drives come in to picture. (SSD Advantage, n.d.)They have a different kind of architecture when compared to HDD and they are called as SSD. This paper discusses the idea of using SSD’s instead of HDD’s in database servers. We created multiple database instances for SSD’s and HDD’s and also created multiple web applications using JAVA and connected to each of these database servers to access data via REST API’s. We have run multiple tests to compare the load time of all the different database instances and generated some visual analytics how it behaves when multiple/series of get operations made on the database with the REST API. This analysis will help in finding if there are any anomalies in the behavior with increase in throughput of read and write operations.