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Information Assurance: M.S.


Information Assurance and Information Systems


Herberger School of Business

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Mark Schmidt

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Lynn Collen

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Sohn Changsoo

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The data storage system has changed timely manner. As we have been seeing in the past data used to be saved in hard drives, solid state drives and computers. It used to be easy to retrieve data from those drives, but it was very difficult to maintain them as they had very small storage space and it was very difficult to carry them. Smartphones have been introduced in the recent past and they have over crossed old devices as they are fast in the process and have multiple features when compared to computers. Apple has introduced most powerful smartphones called Apple iPhones in 2007. iPhone forensics is used to acquire data from iPhones like images, text messages, contacts and call library. I would be using iPhone for my forensics investigation. In my further investigation process, I would be extracting data using various methods. Apple has built its own software called iTunes which is used to save and protect its data security. iTunes software has been licensed and provided by To connect iPhone we need a lightning cable. We would also be using Dell laptop for our forensic investigation. As per my research on various methods to extract data from iPhone. I have come across a number of software applications but from which I would like to use iTunes and iMyfone D-Port software applications in my starred paper.