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Creative Work

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Music - Conducting: M.M.


College of Liberal Arts

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Melissa Krause

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Matthew Ferrell

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Joseph Edelheit

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

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Music, Singing, Choral, Holocaust, Performance


I would like to thank all of the performers and musicians who took part in the formation of this concert. They helped to relay an important message and did so with musicality and deep expressivity. I also wish to thank my colleagues, Garrett Lathe and Brandon Nordhues, who assisted in working with the students at Sartell High School. I appreciate the guidance and support that Dr. Melissa Krause, Dr. Matthew Ferrell, and Dr. Joseph Edelheit gave me throughout the planning of this concert.

I am grateful to the teachers at St. Cloud State Music Department for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow, and for the staff whose help is always given generously. Thank you to Dr. Matthew Ferrell who entrusted me with the responsibility of assisting his choral ensembles and directed me in the art of leading a college ensemble. In addition, I would like to thank Dr. Richard K. Hansen who allowed me to blossom as a director and freed me to discover the emotion in my conducting.

Thank you to my friends and family who have patiently helped me through every step and have at times taken a back seat so that I can achieve a goal in my career. Your friendship and love are not forgotten; I hope to always show Christ's love like you do.

"Music is not only itself a subject of historical memory, but also a vehicle for the transmission of memory ... Considered in the context within which it operated, the music itself-both as object and activity-thus actively refutes the very stereotype that it has been used to create. It helps us to think about victims as people unsure of what was happening to them, full of intersecting and conflicting wishes, hopes, fears, and predictions. Perhaps most importantly, it allows us to remember them in the context of the rich and diverse experiences they represented, and not only the mechanized process of their destruction".

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