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Open-source electronic devices are transforming laboratory physics education in unprecedented ways. More and more physics instructors have found that open-source electronics, such as Arduino, can provide them with wonderful teaching and learning opportunities. They can develop new laboratory activities and demonstrations, as well as exploratory and advanced projects, often involving their students. The cost is usually low. Participants of this workshop will dive right into interfacing sensors with Arduino compatible platforms. They will acquire first-hand experience constructing circuits and interfacing with sonic rangers, photogates, temperature probes, force gauges, accelerometers, magnetometers, SD cards, displays, user interfaces, and other common sensors, devices, and useful software. The workshop also provides basic training on computer programming and soldering. Each participant will be provided sensors and a standalone data acquisition device for their workshop activities. They can take everything home, except for force gauges. Participants must bring a laptop.


Workshop presentation from the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting, held in College Park, MD, 25-29 July 2015.

AAPT 2015 Summer W12 (Workshop) Liu OSPL.pptx (17923 kB)
Open Source Electronics for Laboratory Physics - PPT

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