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Research Study

Publication Date

Spring 2018


STAR, the products from a software company, Renaissance, are used for screening and progress-monitoring overtime. An alignment was completed by Renaissance between STAR and MCA, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, for grades 3 through 8. This research study will help contribute to the research of alignment between STAR and MCA. This research is predicting the expected STAR scores by season for student proficiency in MCA reading and math at 50% and 90% probability levels. The STAR scores needed to achieve 50% and 90% chance of MCA proficiency for each season will be calculated in this study. Overall, the STAR scores needed are increasing overtime. When a student is predicted to be non-proficient, this student will receive extra help. It is important to prevent the chances of predicting the wrong students to be MCA proficiency because they will not receive extra supports. For this purpose, a better probability cutoff (75%) will be suggested through this study.