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Edwin H. Cates



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The story of St. Cloud State College epitomizes the story of publicly supported state colleges and universities in America in the twentieth century. It is the story of dramatic growth, both in purpose and service, as the state colleges and universities evolved from normal schools with a few basic programs to truly multipurpose institutions with broad educational offerings. It is an exciting story, and one that Dr. Edwin Cates is eminently qualified to tell.

For nearly a quarter of a century Dr. Cates has been intimately involved in the development of St. Cloud State College. As a member of the faculty, he has acquired a deep feeling for the attitudes of the students, the faculty and the administration. From his vantage point he has observed the forces that have shaped the direction of the college, and he has noted the commitment by the citizens of Minnesota to ever-expanding educational opportunities.

With precision and perception he has traced the tradition of St. Cloud State College from a modest campus of fifty-three students in 1869 to a burgeoning campus of some 9,000 students in 1969. He has described, with meaning and good taste, how the college grew from Minnesota's third normal school to Minnesota's third largest college with more than fifty major and minor programs leading to the four-year degree, fifteen fields of preprofessional study, and several master degree programs. He has shed new light on the moments of difficulty and triumph, and he has accented the contributions of many persons whose inspiration and dedication have built a heritage of excellence.

This history will be a meaningful and significant link with the past and a valuable resource for the future. I am proud to recommend this book to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of St. Cloud State College.

Robert Hobbie Wick

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A Centennial History of St. Cloud State College