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Degree Name

Social Responsibility: M.S.

First Advisor

Mumbi Mwangi

Second Advisor

Julie Andrzejewski

Keywords and Subject Headings

Leadership, Accountability, Policy Change


This study uses a qualitative research methodology approach to explore the conflict of interest among coastal resource users and the development process in Bagamoyo town. The samples were purposively chosen to reflect the diversity of environmental conditions, socio-economic status and opportunities available to local coastal communities like fishing and farming. The total number of respondents interviewed for this study was thirty-three. I used narrative stories through in-depth interviews of the respondents, documented information and a focus group comprising of 10 respondents, who did not participate in the in-depth interviews, to discuss the issues.

There have been a number of initiatives from international development agencies, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to sustainable coastal resource management in Tanzania. Special focus was given on the impact of the ICM policies on the coastal environment and livelihood of rural coastal communities in Bagamoyo town. Additionally, this study analyzed the conflicts of interest in the development process and tourism policies and the impact of these conflicts on the coastal livelihood of the coastal communities (Bagamoyo town).

The findings revealed that the majority of these people do not benefit adequately from the rich resources in their community. The study suggested good policy prescriptions in order to increase recognition of the role and status of local coastal communities, transparency and accountability in sustainable management of the coastal resources. Also, my findings suggest solutions that would clearly define the responsibility, authority, and capacity for ICM management and provides enabling conditions for the communities to be part of this endeavor.



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