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Date of Award


Culminating Project Type

Starred Paper

Degree Name

Social Responsibility: M.S.

First Advisor

Julie Andrzejewski

Second Advisor

Sudie Hofmann

Third Advisor

Lee LaDue

Keywords and Subject Headings

Domestic violence, animal abuse, domestic violence shelters


This paper examines the relationship between abuse to humans and animals by reviewing literature regarding the bond between humans and animals and the ignored problem of abuse. Because women may delay leaving their abusers to keep their animals safe, it is important for organizations to meet the needs of both humans and animals. The following paper evaluate programs that already exist in Minnesota. I examined the best practices in Minnesota shelters to determine what is working to successfully meet the needs of abused women, children and animals. Recommendations were made from the analysis to ensure that the needs of human and nonhuman animals can be met and "best practices" are developed.



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