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Social Responsibility: M.S.

First Advisor

Jiping Zuo

Second Advisor

Linda Havir

Third Advisor

Anthony Akubue

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

Keywords and Subject Headings

Women Empowerment, Rural Kasoa, Cultural History, Social Responsibilities, Lending


In an attempt to alleviate poverty and empower poor people, many NGOs and government agencies have been providing credit and social services to rural women in the Kasoa district of Ghana. The goal of these credit schemes is to help the rural poor, especially women earn a living through their on-going income generating activities.

This study found that micro-credit programs are very helpful in empowering rural women to enhance their economic activities to meet the needs of their families as well as afford them the opportunity to contribute in household decisions.

This study concluded that micro-credit schemes empower rural women. Despite the enhanced visible roles assumed by these women due to the credit schemes, there were serious operational lapses. The loans given to the women were inadequate to start and run any viable income generating activity (IGA). In light of this the study, an increase in the loan size, developing and encouraging the use of appropriate technology, and increasing repayment time of the loan scheme are recommended.


This thesis could not have been written without a lot of help from many quarters. The unfailing guidance, wisdom, and support of my adviser Dr. Jiping Zuo and her patience in correcting my errors. I am thankful to Dr. Linda Havir for her inspiration and invaluable advice during my work. My sincere gratitude also goes to Dr. Anthony Akubue for his intellectual support and persistent encouragement.

I am thankful to all the women borrowers who devoted their invaluable time for my work and made this work meaningful.

Finally, but immensely, I am grateful to all my family members for keeping my spirit up all the time, particularly my mother and brother. I dedicate this work to my mother who has also been my inspiration and I will continue to hold her in high regard.

There are many friends that I have not mentioned individually but who have been available whenever I needed help. To all of you, I extend my gratitude.



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