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Social Responsibility: M.S.

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Ajay Panicker

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Stephen Philion

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Jason Lindsay

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From the left, there seems to be too much emphasis placed on blaming the “free-market, and neo-liberalism” (Bricmont, 2006; McNally, 2002). By doing so, modern social movement avoids the real issue which is “capitalism” (Wood, 2003). Thus, there seems to be evidence that current social movement activity has done little more than reproduce the same tactics used post-1960s, and while their actions may have awakened certain sets of social consciousness, they have yielded little socio-structural change, due either to their irrational ideologies and strategies in response to social inequality or their rational attempt(s) to innovate them. By taking this stance, global social movements may have centralized themselves into fixed spaces of contention where their most critical voices against neoliberalism only serves to inculcate the very system it is against.

Key Words: modern social movements, neo-liberalism, free market, capitalism, ideologies, social inequality.



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