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Impact of Migration and Resettlement on Attitudes and Perspectives on Breastfeeding Practices

Florence O. Orionzi Mrs



Researchers have observed that people who are raising children in a culture that they were not born in, especially immigrants and refugees, will experience conflict due to acculturation (Harley, Stamm, & Eskenazi, 2007; Lowe, 2011). Whether or not there is a relationship between change in environment and breastfeeding practices is an important consideration when immigrant and refugees resettle in a new country.

In this study 10 immigrant and refugee mothers who have lived in the St. Cloud area for an average of 10 years were interviewed. The research design used in the study was qualitative using individual semi-structured interviews with parents to study attitudes and practice of breastfeeding.

The results of the study show that attitudes towards breastfeeding remain the same but the practice is different. The actual experiences and related behaviors are different than they would have been in their home countries. The mothers expressed dis-satisfaction with the overall experiences of breastfeeding, believing that extended support would be helpful. Policy and practices to support immigrant and refugee mothers were explored.