Student Research Colloquium Proceedings

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Student Research Colloquium Proceedings

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Conference Proceeding

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2010 Student Research Colloquium proceedings include the following:

  • explanation of the Student Research Colloquium "passport',
  • a schedule of the day's events,
  • acknowledgement of research sponsors,
  • conference presentation abstracts,
  • formal paper competition participants;
  • poster presentation competition participants;
  • student presenter index,
  • research sponsor index,
  • planning committee, poster and paper presentation judges, registration desk, sponsors, and donors,
  • map of Atwood Memorial Center.

Keynote Speaker: Michael (Mick) D. Bower, Security Columnist, Linux Journal, Infrastructure Security Architecture Team Lead, Wells Fargo: "Notes from the Trenches: Information Security in the So-Called Real World." In this talk, Mick Bauer will tell war stories from his adventures helping to secure one of our nation's largest banks against the best attack efforts of devious hackers, credit-card scammers, organized crime cartels and the scariest type of adversary which information security professions routinely encounter, the enthusiastic businessperson. In so doing, he will illustrate in thrilling, name-dropping detail how his education, comprised of a Masters in Computer Science from St. Cloud State University and a BFA in Music Education, grounded him in the scientific method, a preference for facts over aspirations and an affinity for lecturing and constructing very long but grammatically coherent sentences, has served him well in what has been an unpredictable but very cool career thus far.