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The Voice Report function in Praat makes it possible to calculate the amount of voicing that occurs dynamically within a segment. This function is used here to investigate how Author 2 produces voiced consonants that occur in the codas of 15 words in an elicitation paragraph read at a normal tempo. Some words end with a singleton coda, while others have double codas. When the measurements are interpreted in accordance with F0 and the 40/60 Just Noticeable Difference (JND) thresholds, we see that coda devoicing is pervasive in Author 2’s speech. When the evidence presented here is added to the findings of Koffi and Lundy (2017:109-24), Koffi and Simmonds (2018:175-84), it becomes clear that coda devoicing is pervasive in Minnesota English. This paper makes a significant contribution because it provides acoustic phonetic measurements on double coda devoicing, a phenomenon that has not been widely studied.



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