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This Acoustics Phonetic Portfolio is a compilation of acoustic recordings and analyses that students who take Professor Koffi’s phonology course (English 473/573) complete during the semester. This study is divided into four sections. The first represents the speaker’s use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to describe his pronunciation of English. The second describes the spectrograms of the speaker’s vowels and consonants. The third focuses on the acoustic correlates that the speaker uses to express lexical stress on homographic and multisyllabic words. The fourth and final section investigates the various phonological rules that the speaker implements to produce the word . All the speech samples were recorded directly into an Apple laptop computer. PRAAT, a free online software, was used for the measurement and the quantification of the data. Norm, another free online software, was used to provide the acoustic vowel space in which the speaker’s vowels and General American (GAE) vowels are compared. Throughout the paper, the phrase “the speaker” refers to Ekkarat.

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Ettien Koffi



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