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Koffi (2010) proposes four diagnosis tests for identifying, classifying, and categorizing words in the lexicon of any language. The four tests are the semantic test, the morphological test, the syntactic (or distributional test), and the functional test. In this paper, we put the four tests to a test to see how well they can help identify words in Luganda, a language spoken in Uganda. We find that, though, Luganda is from a different language family than English, the four tests hold well. We conclude that understanding how to use these tests provide teachers with additional insights not only in English, but also in their students native languages.

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Ettien Koffi

Author Bio

Elizabeth Baertlein received her MA TESL/Applied Linguistics Program degree from SCSU.

Martin Ssekitto received his MA/TESOL in May 2012. Information about Luganda that is not cited comes from the knowledge of co-author Martin Ssekitto, a native speaker of Luganda.



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