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The purpose of the following paper is to explore the use of the English relative clause by Korean speaking students of English. It will investigate the claim made by previous researchers that Korean learners of English are prone to avoiding the English relative clause because of its complex construction. In order to do this, the construction of the relative clause in both Korean and English will be explored. From there, student written pieces will be analyzed in an attempt to identify the frequency of relative clause constructions, and to what extent – if any – avoidance has occurred. Afterwards, pedagogical implications for this avoidance will be detailed, and potential strategies for teachers will be explored.

Faculty Supervisor

Ettien Koffi

Author Bio

Bob A. Massicotte is a graduate student in the MA TESOL program. He has been teaching English in Korea for the past seven years. He has a strong interest in Korean history, music, and culture, as well as a passion for helping Koreans share their culture through English. He holds a BA in Music Education from the University of South Florida and worked as an orchestra director before deciding to look for adventure abroad. Email:

Matthew Bjers is a graduate student in the MA TESOL program. He has taught English in both Japan and South Korea, and is currently teaching Western Civilization at Minjang University is Fuzhou, China. He earned his BA degree in English from the Metropolitan State College of Denver, and plans to pursue his PhD beginning in the fall of 2015. Email:



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