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The Roma population in Hungary has endured longstanding cultural and linguistic discrimination, despite their significant numbers. As a result, the outlook for maintaining and preserving the use of the Romany language in Hungary is bleak. In an attempt to shed light on this issue, this paper discusses the current situation of the Romany language in Hungary, and subsequently, investigates the possible implementation and effectiveness of various language policies through the lens of the Game Theory.

Faculty Supervisor

Ettien Koffi

Author Bio

Kristen Lorincz is a recent graduate of the MA TESL/Applied Linguistics program at SCSU and is currently completing the requirements necessary to obtain a K-12 teaching license in ESL. She earned a BA in history from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. In the future, she plans to teach a variety of age levels in both the United States and abroad for several years and then pursue a doctoral degree in a related field.



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