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The following is a study of definite article use in ESL instruction. Articles are some of the most common words in the English language and the most frequently misused by ESL students. Nonetheless, articles have not received their due coverage in ESL instruction as they are difficult to teach, often overlooked by textbooks, and considered unnecessary to fluency by some instructors and linguists. The focus of this study will be the definite article as it is the most common and, perhaps, the most challenging for ESL leaners. This study will assert the importance of teaching the correct usage of the definite article in college level classes as well as effective strategies for improving student success.

Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Ettien Koffi

Author Bio

Luke Johnson is an English instructor at Mesabi Range College as well as a graduate student at St. Cloud State University. He completed his M.A. in English and undergraduate degrees in History and Philosophy at Bemidji State University. He is currently working to complete a second major in Teaching English as a Second Language through St. Cloud State University. Email:



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