Volume 5, Issue 2 (2020) Special Issue on Diversity and Community in Narrative Medicine and the Medical Humanities

Editors' Note

In this special issue of Survive and Thrive, we ask practitioners and scholars of medical humanities and narrative medicine to explore diversity and community in medicine. The related fields of medical humanities and narrative medicine are built on a foundation of patient advocacy. In recent years it has been noted that the fields of medical humanities and narrative medicine need to pay more attention to issues of diversity including, but not limited to, race, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic status, and disability.

We include articles, creative works, reflective texts, and photography that demonstrate and/or critique the work of medical humanities and narrative medicine to empower, enrich, or illuminate historically underserved communities. Current criticism within this field discusses ways in which to bring diverse voices into the field. In this issue, we hear from artists, writers, practitioners, educators, and students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Cover Art: "Silhouettes in Color" by Arne Hoel

Steve Katz, an editor of Survive and Thrive, recused himself from this issue because he submitted for publication and appears as an author. -The Editors




Escaping the Smoke
Tiernan C. Middleton


Black Raspberries
Ashley E. Francis


Suzanne Black
Associate Professor, Department Chair of English, SUNY Oneonta
Scott Koski
Assistant Adjunct Professor of English, St. John's University
Julia Brown
Adjunct Lecturer of English, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Center, City College of New York