This paper presents a technique for structuring writing prompts in Narrative Medicine as a way to promote a reconsideration of medical professionals’ privilege in relation to non-medical professionals. The interest in such a reconsideration of privilege has become increasingly evident in faculties of medicine as a result of #MeToo. As well, it has evolved as a point of discussion within this journal, Survive & Thrive. That medical professionals not be overburdened has been recognized as imperative for the possibility of change. In one multidisciplinary educational setting, including equal participation with non-medical professionals, physicians’ feelings of being overwhelmed have been reduced with respect to their health research. The use of writing prompts is well known to faculties of medicine; however, the idea that there is a particular way prompts can be structured in Narrative Research for maximum benefit is not. The technique for structuring writing prompts, including the promotion of drawing and doodling by participants, is offered and a justification for the technique presented with respect to the reconsideration of privilege.



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