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English: Teaching English as a Second Language: M.A.




College of Liberal Arts

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James Robinson

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Ramon Serrano

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Reading, ESL, College, Students, Teaching


Reading strategy awareness plays a significant role in reading comprehension and the educational process. Think Aloud importance, has long been the ignored skill in English language teaching, research, learning, and assessment. The lack of effective reading strategies exacerbates the problem of poor readers and poor education success. One solution to the problem of poor reading comprehension is the learning of metacognitive reading strategy skills. Metacognitive reading strategy ability needs to be focused in language learning and teaching. The present study is an attempt to find out whether think alouds or verbal protocols enhances EFL students' reading comprehension. Furthermore, it attempts to detect the relationship between metacognitive reading strategy awareness and reading comprehension. This paper focuses on the four main issues. First, it discusses the definition of think alouds. 2ndly it reviews significant research in the areas of reading, language learning and methods for teaching think alouds. Thirdly is the methodology and results for the research into think aloud research and strategy usage. Fourth are the findings based on the review of the literature along with analysis of the data are of great significance and can be advantageous to improve EFL learners reading comprehension.


I want to thank Ellen Block for her hard work and research into think alouds. I also want to thank my Professors for their interest, concern and advice during the process of this document. I especially want to thank my children while they waited patiently until I was done.


Our mind is not like a brilliantly lit and perfectly ordered room; it Is much more like an encumbered garret inhabited by moths born a, grown up in half lights: our thoughts; the moment we open the door to see them better the drab little butterflies vanish. (Dimnet, 1928, p. 1)

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