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Rosemary Perkins Krauel Oral History


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Biographical information:

Rosemary Perkins Krauel was born on September 20, 1921 in Ogilvie, Minnesota. She graduated from St. Cloud School of Nursing in June of 1942. Krauel soon joined the United States Navy as a nurse and was sent to Great Lakes Naval Station and later San Diego Naval Station. After the Navy, Krauel returned to Minnesota and worked at the St. Cloud Hospital until she retired in 1986. On on June 19, 1946, she married her husband John and had five children: John, Mark, Charles, Kathryn, and Mary Jo. Krauel passed away on December 20, 2005 and buried in St. Cloud’s Assumption Cemetery.

Transcript Summary:

Rosemary Perkins Krauel described her experiences as a naval nurse during World War II. She recounted her basic training at Great Lakes Naval Station as well and the outbreak of Rheumatic fever in Farragut, Idaho that resulted in her transfer there. Krauel described her working and living conditions while at Great Lakes Naval Base and San Diego. She talked about her San Diego hospital receiving casualties from the Pacific Theatre. Krauel also discussed off duty time and leaving the service to go back to Minnesota.


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Rosemary Perkins Krauel oral history interview transcript

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