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Lyle Sande Oral History


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Lyle Sande was born on July 21, 1923 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. His family moved to Spicer, Minneota, in 1932 but moved back to South Dakota in 1938. In November 1943, he volunteered to serve and trained as a paratrooper and a gliderman in England as part of the 82nd Airborne. In September 1944, Sande was deployed to the Netherlands and participated in Operation Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded during Operation Market Garden, and returned to the line right before Battle of the Bulge. Sande was part of the Victory Parade in New York on January 17, 1946. After he returned home to Sherman, South Dakota, Sande married his wife Joyce, and they had five children: Wayne, Wendell, Sharon, Jean, and Julie. Sande passed away in November 2014.

Transcript Summary:

Lyle Sande detailed his experiences as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army during World War II. He explained his choice to volunteer for service during the war. After going through regular infantry training, Sande recalled traveling to Europe and taking part in paratrooper and gliderman training in England. From England, Sande detailed being part of Operation Market Garden, where he was shot in the arm and back as well as witnessing a favored officer being killed. He described his experience in a hospital in Holland, where he rehabbed for more than hree months before being sent back onto the line. Shortly after his return to duty, Sande fought in the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. He recalled seeing combat on the Siegried Line after the Battle of the Bulge, being in Berlin for three and a half months, and liberating concentration camps. Schumacher detailed the victory parade in New York on January 17, 1946, and returned home afterwards to Sherman, South Dakota. Sande ended his interview by explaining how the war affected him as a person.

Interview by David Overy


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