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Child and Family Studies: Family Studies: M.S.


Child and Family Studies


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JoAnn Johnson

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Brittany Sullivan

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Hsueh-I Lo

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Kindergarten readiness


Every year a number of children move on to Kindergarten, regardless if they are ready or not. There are always some who are ready and have great academic and social-emotional skills to start; however, there are also those who are not ready and have not had the experiences to successfully prepare them for Kindergarten. To help children become ready for Kindergarten, they need experiences and support from their parents, teachers, and community. In this study, a survey research design was used to examine the perspectives of caregivers and preschool/ Kindergarten teachers to determine if they are looking at the same things for what they believe it means to be school ready. Overall, the caregivers and teachers reported very similar findings. They both believe social-emotional readiness is more important than academic readiness when entering kindergarten.