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Plan C Paper

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Computer Science: M.S.


Computer Science and Information Technology


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Al-Azzam Omar

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Jie H Meichsner

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Tirthankar Ghosh

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Internship, Mayo Clinic, Internship Experiences, JavaScript Frameworks, Angular Framework, Internship Benefits


My one-year internship program work was with Mayo Clinic, Rochester. I was involved in the software development as part of a work term, all of which will be outlined in this report. The report will cover some background information on the projects I was involved in, as well as details on how the projects were developed. The report also states how and what academic courses and projects helped me in overall internship experience so far.

At the beginning of the internship, I formulated serval learning goals, which I wanted to achieve:

  • To understand the functioning and working conditions of the organization;
  • To explore working in a professional environment;
  • To explore the work environment for the possibility of a future career;
  • To utilize my gained skills and knowledge;
  • To find skills and knowledge I still need to work in a professional environment;
  • To learn about software development life cycle;
  • To learn about the development methodologies;
  • To obtain fieldwork experience/collect data in an environment unknown for me;
  • To obtain experience working in multicultural and diverse environment;
  • To enhance my interpersonal and technical skills;
  • To network with professionals in the industry.

There are five major projects that I had a significant role in.

The first project was Space Tools, involved gaining a good understanding of a javascript framework called Angular. My task was to study its working, develop wireframes from the view point of developing an application using that technology. My task was to

  • Understand working with Angular framework,
  • Understand working with Git,
  • Develop wireframes.

As this was my first project with Mayo Clinic, particularly at Development Shared Services (DSS) as a team project, I also had a large scope of understanding Agile Methodology - Scrum Process in particular.

The second project was BAMS which was a rewrite of existing application in Windows Presentation Framework(WPF) and .Net backend. In this project my tasks were

  • Understand using WinForms and WPF,
  • Develop pages using WPF- MVVM Framework.

The third project was DSA, where I acquired knowledge of working on Angular4 and frontend Unit testing in Karma using Mocha and Chai frameworks.

The fourth project is MML Notification and Delivery, which started with an analysis phase in which were asked to analyze the data flow and system integrations the current Mayo Access and Mayo Link (MML Internal Operations) are dependent upon. We are to provide a new functionality to Mayo Access users of Notification and Delivery of tests results.

The current project that I’m working on now is “MML Database Analysis”. This project is in the analysis phase. We were given a task to analyze MML databases to write an API instead of frontend calls to the database.

I acquired many new technical skills throughout my work. I acquired new knowledge in Front-end development using various versions of Angular framework and Unit testing using Mocha and Chai framework in Karma. I also brushed my HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, Java, C# skills while working on various projects. Then I was introduced to the area of research and analysis and how to approach it. Most importantly, the work included good fellowship, cooperative teamwork and accepting responsibilities.

Although I spent much time as a learning curve, I found that I was well trained in certain areas that helped me substantially in my projects. Many programming skills and Software Development Life Cycle understanding that I used in my internship, such as programming style and design, were the skills that I had acquired during my studies in Computer Science.

This report also includes advantages of using Angular framework over other Javascript frameworks. The report concludes with my overall impressions of my work experience as well as my opinion of the Industrial Internship Program in general.



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