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Creative Work



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English: M.A.




College of Liberal Arts

First Advisor

Felip Costaglioli

Second Advisor

Judith Dorn

Third Advisor

Monica Pelaez

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

Keywords and Subject Headings

Female Gaze, Image and Poetry, Poetic Cinema Analysis, Film Theory


My thesis consists of the interweaving of analytical discourse and creative work to apprehend and capture the universes of three influential female directors: Maya Deren (1917-1961), Agnes Varda (1928-2019), and Julia Ducournau (1983-Present).

All three of these directors exemplify in their films the complexities and beauties of the female gaze in its sensual, sexual, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. As a young woman, scholar, and artist myself, the depth and realities depicted by each have inspired my passion for the apprehending, experiencing and appreciating of how the female gaze nourishes and shapes poetic cinema. Therefore, it is not by chance that I have carefully chosen these three empowering women artists as they have nourished my own intellectual and creative drive. My work will follow three different steps.

Step 1: A Portrait of the artist

Step 2: A. A creative collage of text and image that deconstructs their vision and pays homage to their film.

B. A creative collage of text and image: A portrait of myself as an artist through the guidance of their voice

Step 3: An impressionistic analytical reading of Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) and A Study in Choreography for Camera (1945).

%22Cerebral Warrior%22.jpg (2384 kB)
My Tribute to Maya Deren’s Vision: Cerebral Warrior (Piece One)

%22Violence sans violence%22.jpg (2733 kB)
Portrait of Myself as an Artist Through the Guidance and Vision of Maya Deren: Violence sans violence (Piece Two)

%22Le cinema retrouve%22.jpg (2121 kB)
My Tribute to Agnès Varda’s Vision: Le Cinéma Retrouvé (Piece One)

%22Retoour a la maison%22.jpg (2938 kB)
Portrait of Myself as an Artist Through the Guidance and Vision of Agnès Varda: Retoour à la Maison (Piece Two)

%22Me Funciona%22.jpg (1996 kB)
My Tribute to Julia Ducournau’s Vision: It Works for Me “Me Funciona” (Piece One)

%22This is What I Call Skin%22.jpg (3478 kB)
Portrait of Myself as an Artist Through the Guidance and Vision of Julia Ducournau: This is What I Call Fused Skin (Piece Two)