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English: Teacher Education: M.S.




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Glenn Davis

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Judith Dorn

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Hsueh-I Lo

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Monstrosity, Gender, Beowulf, Failure, AP English, Gifted Students




Haunted by Gender: Teaching Gender Performance through Monstrosity in the Beowulf Manuscript

This paper explores the ways in which gender and the correct performance of gender creates a thematic unity to the various texts published in the Beowulf manuscript. Using Judith Butler's theory of gender performativity, the manuscript as a whole can be viewed as an attempt on the part of the compiler to represent an idealized form of gender standards in an attempt to preserve traditional Anglo-Saxon community.

The New F Words: The Importance of Failure and Frustration in AP English Classrooms

This paper explores the ways in which failure and frustration can be used to promote positive performance in both AP Literature and AP Language classrooms. While, acknowledging the unique challenges confronting teachers teaching gifted students, the paper argues that failure and frustration can be--and should be--safely incorporated into AP classrooms in order to help students succeed and overcome the inevitable obstacles inherent in all learning.