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The Teacher As Revolutionary: Paolo Freire

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Starred Paper

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English: Teaching English as a Second Language: M.A.




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adult education, marxist education, liberatory education, culture circles, literacy, discourse


Teaching can be a very lonely occupation. On one hand, we wonder what effect, if any, we are having on the great array of problems which life presents to our students. On the other, they may seem disinterested or rebellious. Our own lives may not accomplish the goals we devised when we were inspired, and we look about for ways to make them more meaningful. The story of a teacher whose students, illiterate peasants in the backwaters of Brazil, transformed their own lives, and his, has a certain appeal. Does this man, Paolo Freire, have anything to say to us, here in the United States, especially when it is our ethnocentric impression that most of his students would gladly immigrate here if given the chance? Freire may not be able to give us the solution to our malaise, but he may be able to help us find the questions we need to begin asking ourselves.

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