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Higher Education Administration: Ed.D.


Educational Administration and Higher Education


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Dr. Brittany Williams

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Dr. Rachel Friedensen

Third Advisor

Dr. Laila McCloud

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Erin Heath

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

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Adjunct Faculty, Higher Education, Classroom Technology, Faculty Technology Usage


This quantitative predictive study examines the influence of attitude, subjective norm (peer pressure) and perceived behavioral control on whether adjunct faculty will or will not utilize instructional technology in their classroom. Based on the Decomposed theory of planned behavior (Taylor & Todd, 1995) a survey of 286 adjunct faculty was conducted in a mid-western state-wide university and college system. The study also explored the working conditions of adjunct faculty which hinder their teaching withing the classroom. The finding shows the while attitude and subjective norm are statistically significant predictors of user’s intention, perceived behavioral control is the strongest predictor of intention to use instructor technology. However, current behavioral control by adjunct faculty is hindered by existing working conditions found within higher educational organizations.


I would like to thank my Higher Power for the strength, health, and fortitude to travel this journey. Not every African American woman has the opportunity to complete their doctorate. This educational journal has been shaped by some wonderful educators. Thank you for your loyal dedication to education. My mentor Dr. Jesse Hargrove has been apart of my academic experience since I was a young 19-year-old student. Dr. H/Jesse, your loyal support and love throughout these years has been the wind beneath my wings. I am honored to have had 30 plus years of friendship and looking forward to the next 30 years. Dr. Robert Crumpton, RIP.

Thank you to my chair, Dr. Williams, for your patience and stamina for putting up with my many missteps and countless re-writes. How appropriate that I was your first student to graduate. You provided the mentorship that many first-gen students of color so desperately desire to complete this journey. It has been an honor. My other committee members Dr. Rachel Friedenson, Laila McCloud, and Erin Heath were so generous with their wisdom and knowledge and allowed me the room to find my voice through my research.

Countless people have been supported by educational achievements throughout the years. Some have passed on but have never been forgotten. From my sorority sisters who babysat for my daughter while I attended classes to the reading of my 10th draft of some obscure paper. My ride-or-die crew: Rachel, Arkie, Lajuana, Yvette, Cherie, Cheryl, Krushetta, and Danielle. These are those priceless friendships some over 40 years that have sustained me in the darkest of times. My family and extended-family, thank you for all of your love. My parents, thank you for everything. My siblings, I’m the eldest so now the pressure is off of me and now one of you is next. My children: Kara, there is never a day that goes by that you are not missed and we will meet again, Camri, “Ms. You got this” I never have to worry about you handling your business and know you will accomplish greatness, Sofia, Bella, “never lose your passion for life, it’s contagious,” Natasha, follow your dreams and live your best life and Madeline, trust your inner beauty, it will last forever. My grandchildren, Freya, aim high and then higher, and Ambrose, my Boo, your arrival came at a time when the family needed to feel joy and the possibility. You gave us both. Nana wants only one thing for you Love.

Finally, my best friend, my financial supporter, my biggest cheerleader, my husband. You held me countless times when I wanted to quit and never write another word. You helped me find the words, create the thoughts, imagine the possibilities, and feel the passion. The nights you sat and let me ramble about a topic so foreign that I could have spoken it in Latin. And yet you patiently sat with a slight smile and nodded your head periodically muttering a yes. What an amazing MAN!! There were many years in which you must have felt like a single parent or worked 70 plus hours to pay tuition. And I am so glad you walked this journey with me.



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