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Ginny Tennant Oral History

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Ginny Tennant was a community member who recruited artists to appear at the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair since its inaugural event in 1974. Ginny passed away in June 2019.

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In an oral history interview conducted by Margaret Vos on August 27, 2014, Tennant discussed her involvement with the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair since its first event in 1974. Tennant was part of the St. Cloud Community Arts Council, and with connections to St. Cloud State, worked on the visit of the Minnesota Orchestra in 1974 to help dedicate the new campus mall to have an art component. Tennant discussed that a few artists from that 1974 event still participate in the Lemonade event including Bob Trisko and Charlotte and David Neron. Tennant described in detail how she recruited artists from all over Minnesota, including how artists are selected through a semi-juried process, requiring artists to create original pieces of art. The semi-juried process allowed wide variety of forms and materials to be featured. Tennant also touched on set-up of the fair for the artists, the effect of the weather, and working with St. Cloud State employees. Tennant also described her day at the Lemonade event, including the hours before the event starts in the late morning.


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Ginny Tennant oral history interview transcript

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