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Charlotte Neron Oral History

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Charlotte Neron was a local artist who lived in the St. Cloud area.

Transcript Summary:

In an oral history interview conducted by Margaret Vos on January 28, 2015, Neron discussed the involvement of her and her husband David at the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair. They were among the first artists to participate in the Lemonade event, which was first held in 1974. Neron discussed many aspects of the event, including the relationship with the city’s festival, the role of the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra, and the effects of the weather. Neon detailed the early days of the Lemonade Concert and Art Fair, the other artists and customers she met, and especially the work of community member Ginny Tennant. Tennant, Neron explained, recruited artists and put them through a juried process, which required original artwork to be made work. Neron also described a typical day for set-up at the event.

Interview by Margaret Vos


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Charlotte Neron oral history interview transcript

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