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The behaviors of bullying and mobbing have only begun to rise in the public’s awareness or towards the legal standing of harassment. But, like harassment, bullying and mobbing can lead to the same results for employees: a loss of dignity, self-confidence and productivity, as well as an excessive amount of non-work related stress and other related health issues. Unfortunately, librarians, media specialists and other who work in libraries and information centers can also experience bullying and mobbing. It is important for people who work in libraries and information centers to understand bullying and mobbing, and toward that end this article provides definitions and a brief history of bullying and mobbing, presents scientific statistics, describes the characteristics of the various types of bullies, exposes who bullies tend to target and explores what is happening in the legal arena.


NOTICE; This is a PDF of a work as published in the proceedings of the ACRL Fourteenth National Conference, held in Seattle, WA, 12-15 March 2009. The citation for the published work is:

Motin, Susan Hubbs (2009) "Bullying or Mobbing: Is it Happening in Your Academic Library?" ACRL 14th National Conference Proceedings, Chicago: Association for College and Research Libraries, 2009: 291-297.

The article is available online with the conference proceedings.



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