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In this interview, Sanford (“Sandy”) Berman discusses his career and his efforts to promote responsive, user-friendly cataloging practices over uncritical deference to prevailing standards. Topics covered include his work at Hennepin County Library, his thoughts on the campaign to change the subject heading “Illegal aliens,” his ongoing practice of proposing new Library of Congress Subject Headings, and his relationship with the Library of Congress.

Berman-CCQInterview2017-personal-data-and-bibliography.pdf (212 kB)
Sanford Berman - Personal Data and Selected Bibliography

Berman-CCQInterview2017-LCSH-Scorecard-updated.pdf (137 kB)
Sanford Berman - Personal LCSH Scorecard (2017-06)

Sanford Berman - Personal LCSH Scorecard (2017-06), suggested headings created (spreadsheet version)

2017-06-LCSH-SCORECARD-PROPOSED-MASTER-COPY-updated.xlsx (15 kB)
Sanford Berman - Personal LCSH Scorecard (2017-06), suggested headings not yet created (spreadsheet version)

Berman-CCQInterview2017-sample-LCSH-proposals.pdf (11488 kB)
Sanford Berman - Sample LCSH proposals



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