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Industrial/Organizational Psychology: M.S.




College of Liberal Arts

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Jody Illies

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Daren Protolipac

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Edward Ward

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

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Needs, Conflict


The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between interpersonal needs and the preference for conflict resolution styles or modes. While previous studies have examined the relationship between manifest needs (or personality traits in the form of needs) and conflict resolution modes, this study specifically investigates interpersonal needs as defined by the Fundamental Interpersonal Orientations Behavior theory and the Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes. Correlation and multiple regression analyses were conducted to explore the relationship between the various constructs. Results indicate that expressed control has a significant positive relationship with preference for the competing conflict resolution mode and a significant negative relationship with preference for the accommodating conflict resolution mode. No additional significant relationships were found between the interpersonal needs and conflict resolution modes. Implications and recommendations for future research on this topic are discussed.



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