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SCSU Journal of Student Scholarship

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Dr. Kelly Branam Macauley, St. Cloud State University


Reiki is an example of a holistic healing practice that can be used for the participants overall wellbeing. Well-being can be seen through mental, emotional, and physical forms with my participants. Some examples include the calming effect Reiki was said to have on my participants, and its ability to help with pain, in my personal experience it reduced the irritation from my poison ivy and hives. Reiki can be described as a holistic energy healing that focuses on moving of energy through the body to help realign or balance the recipient’s energy and help heal ailments. Previous research shows that Reiki and other forms of holistic healing have been used for well-being for a number of years. Hahn, Reilly, & Buchanan(2014) discuss the use of Reiki in helping hospital patients cope with their pain and anxiety. Through the use of participant observation I was able to experience how and why Reiki is used and directly see it’s influence on the recipients well-being. In this paper, I argue that Reiki is used as a method of wellbeing, in similar ways that yoga, massage, and meditation. Rosenbaum, & Van de Velde (2016) discuss their research and describe that Reiki is even more effective in reducing pain in cancer patients compared to other methods such as massage and yoga.

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