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SCSU Journal of Student Scholarship

SCSU Journal of Student Scholarship

Volume 1, Issue 2 (2021) Special Issue 2: 10th Annual Minnesota State Conference of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity


When the Good Times Gave Out: The Community Impacts of the 1980s Farm Crisis in Central Minnesota
Michelle R. Skroch

Mentor(s): Dr. Cory Haala, Saint Cloud State University; Dr. Jason Eden, Saint Cloud State University


Deep Learning Based Music Source Separation
Ryan Henning, Abdullah Choudhry, and Ming Ma

Mentor(s): Dr. Ming Ma, Winona State University


Analysis of Yellow Brick Recovered At Manlick Farm Site
Olivia Schomer

Mentor(s): Dr. Rob Mann, Saint Cloud State University


Dr. John E. Sinko
Associate Editor
Dr. Roxanne Wilson